As we seek a better life, for ourselves and our children, through a real and proactive pursuit of quality education, full implementation of political rights and freedoms, social improvement and empowerment, and economic independence, we shall and must not neglect our acts of worship.

Therefore, as the community grows and begins deliberations on the creation of other Islamic institutional programs the focus should remain on the needs of people, and most importantly the role of the mosque.

When Muslims hold firmly to their religion in the prescribed manner, their position will become stronger and Allah will grant them success both in this world and in the Hereafter.



Pleasing and Glorifying Allah ﷻ By “Establishing a Muslim Community in Louisiana” whose foundations are based on worshiping Allah.



  • To work actively towards the propagation of the faith and spreading of the message of Islam throughout our community by striving to elevate the image of Islam and Muslims by way of providing the correct information about Islamic beliefs and history.
  • Establishing Muslims families whose members are committed to Islam by strengthening the faith in the hearts of Muslims.
  • Displaying true Islamic morality in everyday activities.
  • Providing religious, educational, political, and social services to Muslims living in Louisiana.
  • To recruit, maintain and train volunteers to carry out the vision by establishing an organization that is admired for excellent services and civic leadership.
  • To raise money and resources to carry out the vision by promoting the value of giving.