As of August 3, 2021, the following are the OFFICIAL guidelines from the ICBR board. If the COVID-19 situation becomes more critical, ICBR board may enact more restrictions.

(1) The masjid will remain open.
(2) Five daily prayers and Jumuah will take place as usual.
(3) Unvaccinated people are strongly encouraged to get fully vaccinated.
(4) Face masks are required, both for the vaccinated and unvaccinated (mandated by the Governor on 2nd August).
(5) Need to bring own prayer rug, or use disposable paper sheets provided by the masjid.
(6) Options for 6-feet Social Distancing will be available in the Cafeteria (Masjid Al Rahman), and the left side of the musallah (at Masjid Al Noor).
(7) Practice other precautionary measures while coughing and sneezing.
(8) Please help each other to follow the guidelines.

May Allah keep us all healthy and safe.

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