If you like to teach in the Qur’an & Tarbiya School, please fill out the form and send to the school director at qurantarbiya@gmail.com. A cover letter is highly recommended. (download form)


Dear Parents,

Salam alaykum,

The Fall 2017 registration period in Quran and Tarbiya School has started. Please fill out the registration form (download). The School has limited seats to avoid overloading classes. We aim to give a professional Islamic education with our available resources.


Date: Saturdays. 15 weeks between 10:30am to 3pm. Extended stay until 3:20 for succor and basketball teams.

Pick-up time: Between 3 and 3:15pm. Between 3:20 and 3:40pm for students staying in extended-hour ONLY.

Address: Masjid Ar-Rahman.

Classes: Memorizing surah, Arabic, Fundamentals of Islam and Akhlaq, PE.

Age: Between 4 to 14 years old




Please make the check payable to ICBR with the memo “QTS-Fall 17”.

$160 for the 1st child, $150 for the 2nd child, $130 for the 3rd or more per child. Additional fees: $40 for book(s) and $10 per child) for succor/basketball team. The fee is nonrefundable after the second week ($50 registration and book fee plus fee for attended week(s) is not refundable). Parents provide lunch and supplies. IN CASE OF INADEQUATE ENROLLMENT, PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL FEE TO COVER THE COST. PAYMENTS are DUE on AUGUST 19th. $10 shipping fee applies AFTER due date.



Parents are encouraged to arrange textbook from previous year students of Kindergarten and Elem-A. Students are required to pay for workbook.

PK (Ages 4, 5): Kindergarten

Elem-A (6, 7): I Love Islam-1

Elem-B (8-10): I Love Islam-5

Middle (11up): Learning Islam-3.