Do I have to be Muslim to use the mosque?

Our facilities are open for visitation by anyone of any faith. Please view our general rules and regulations, prayer area policy, and visitor’s policy.

Where can I learn more about Islam?

You can find more resources about Islam at or by contacting us for a visit.

Can I visit the mosque, for a project or for any other reasons?

Absolutely! However, our mosque is gated and locked for security reasons. Our main congregational prayer (Fridays at 1:00 pm at Masjid Ar-Rahman) is open for all and the members of our community will guide you through the mosque. We also have other programs that you may attend, but we recommend contacting us first.

I have children that I would like to be involved. How can I do so?

For sisters aged 15-27, they can be involved in Young Muslim Sisters of Baton Rouge.

Where should I go to reserve ICBR facilities and equipment, sign up for Sunday School, have funeral arrangements or become a member?

All forms are located here.